About Us

Pembrokeshire Online is (currently) a one-man news outlet, dedicated to bringing you all the news from in and around Ceredigion.

My name is Tom Schwartz. I am currently the CEO, the Editor, and the tea-boy at Ceredigion Online.

I have a BA in journalism, and have won awards for my articles. I have also been published by multiple different news outlets, including those at a national level and at a local level.

The aim of Pembrokeshire Online is to bring a more modern approach to journalism in the county. News in the county is too often focused on print first, and online second. As we have no print edition, and have no plans to change this, our site will focus exclusively on bringing you news as it happens.

We will focus our news on stories that are happening in and around Pembrokeshire, but will also bring you the occasional national story if we feel it is relevant.

If you have any questions or comments for myself please do get in touch via our email: info@pembrokeonline.com

If you want to advertise with us, please email: advertising@pembrokeonline.com