Coronavirus Pembrokeshire
New data suggests that Pembrokeshire has the second highest number of people with coronavirus in Wales

Pembrokeshire has the second highest rate of people currently infected with coronavirus in all of Wales, according to new figures.

Research from the Covid-19 Symptom Study suggests that there are 168 people in Pembrokeshire that currently have the virus and are showing symptoms – or 1,346 per million people.

According to the same study, this is the second highest rate in all of Wales. Only Gwynedd has recorded higher numbers with 1,407 symptomatic coronavirus patients per million people.

And as many people who have the virus never show any symptoms, the actual figure is expected to be even higher.

Wales currently has one of the highest rates of symptomatic coronavirus patients in the whole of the UK. Only the west-Midlands have also recorded such high numbers.

Other hard hit areas in the country include Neath Port Talbot, with an estimated 1,315 people per million with the virus, and Swansea, with 1,180 per million people.

What is the Covid-19 Symptom Study?

The study comes from data gathered from an app developed by health science company ZOE, and has been endorsed by the Welsh Government, as well as NHS Wales, according to a statement on their site.

The Covid-19 Symptom Study app has been downloaded by nearly 4 million people, which the company claims is the largest public science project of its kind in the world.

You can download the app by following the links on their site.

Numbers gathered from the app are then analysed in collaboration with researchers from King’s College London.

Reports are then scrutinized alongside algorithms to help predict the virus, and further track Covid infections across the UK.

Wales is one of the hardest hit areas in UK

According to the updated numbers, Wales is one of the hardest hit areas in the whole of the UK.

Not a single county in Wales has less than 600 cases of people with symptomatic coronavirus per million.

The estimated number of people that currently have the virus per million people for each county are as follows:

Isle of Anglesey: 1125

Gwynedd: 1407

Denbighshire: 1289

Ceredigion: 1088

Wrexham: 1095

Pembrokeshire: 1346

Swansea: 1180

Neath Port Talbot: 1315

Bridgend: 1140

Newport: 1031

Conwy: 688

Powys: 637

Flintshire: 921

Powys: 637

Carmarthenshire: 851

Rhondda Cynon Taf: 764

Caerphilly: 957

Monmouthshire: 854

Torfaen: 955

Cardiff: 764

Blaenau Gwent: 1090

Merthyr Tydfil: 1086


  1. I think this is very misleading. I believe Pembrokeshire has the second lowest figure for coronavirus after Ceredigion.


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